Charleston Mix

Consulting, SEO, Web Design
Consulting, eCommerce, SEO, Web Design
About This Project

Charleston Mix sells the best Bloody Mary mix in town! Besides being one of our personal favorites (when not working, of course…) Charleston Mix was a delight to work with. We did some web design/WordPress customization work, eCommerce optimization, and SEO work for them.

WordPress Development

Charleston Mix came to us with a lot of SEO problems. This was due to a variety of issues, the first of which was that they just didn’t have a lot of unique and fresh content. As a result, we recommended that we build a blog for them with a lot of custom features such as an Instagram feed on the sidebar, custom share buttons, etc. We were able to get the blog up within a couple of weeks and now Charleston Mix has a new platform for creating fresh, engaging content.


In addition to the SEO problem mentioned above, Charleston Mix wasn’t even ranking for their own name! This was a result of some misconfigurations on the back-end and poor title tags. Their eCommerce store also had a lot of SEO problems which we were able to take care of for them. Now Charleston Mix is ranking very well! In fact, they currently rank #6 on Google for the phrase “bloody marys” only behind major websites such as, Yelp, and Foursquare.


We’re always looking to see how we can improve the presence of Charleston Mix and hopefully we’ll get some free mix out of it!